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      Personal Information Protection Policy

      Because its business is characterized by support for a broad range of our clients’ mission-critical work, Works Applications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “WAP”) has a greater social responsibility to appropriately manage and protect personal information than do corporations in general. WAP’s officers and employees affirm that they will comply with and maintain the Personal Information Protection Policy that is set forth below.

      1. ?In all its business, WAP shall comply with laws, ordinances, national and local government policies, and other guidelines on the handling of personal information. Furthermore, WAP shall establish a personal information protection management system in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements” (JIS Q 15001) and protect personal information.
      2. When acquiring and using personal information, WAP shall specify an objective and shall not handle personal information outside the scope necessary to accomplish that objective (utilization outside intended purposes). In addition, WAP shall implement appropriate control measures such that utilization outside intended purposes do not occur.
      3. Except with the consent of the person in question or based on laws and ordinances, WAP shall not provide to third parties the personal information it has acquired.
      4. When WAP receives complaints or questions regarding the handling of personal information, it shall promptly investigate the facts of their content and respond in good faith.
      5. In order to appropriately manage personal information that it acquires, WAP shall implement organizational, human, physical, and technological safety measures and mechanisms to prevent and correct leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.
      6. WAP shall reevaluate its personal information protection management system on an ongoing basis in light of changes in social conditions and the environment and improve its efforts on the protection of personal information.


      Works Applications Co., Ltd.
      Naoki Inoue, Representative Director Chief Administrative Officer

      Issued March 30, 2005
      Updated December 25, 2018

      Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

      • Works Applications Co., Ltd.? Personal information Help Desk
      • Telephone: +81-(3)-6229-1395
      • Email: privacy@worksap.co.jp

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